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Linda Gray, Owner/Broker Coldwell Banker Coast to Coast Properties

Linda Gray is Vice President and Owner/Partner of the Coldwell Banker Costa Rica Master Franchise and owner/broker of Coldwell Banker Coast to Coast Properties offices in Playas del Coco . Linda has over 28 years of experience in the real estate industry, with over 18 years in the Costa Rican market and over 10 years in Laguna Beach California with Coldwell Banker . Linda also has experience in municipal government consulting, banking operations, as well as marketing and management. Linda holds the honorary title of President Emeritus of the Costa Rica Global Association of Realtors as the founding director. She founded the organization in 2000. Her community efforts extend to Marketing and Public Relations Director the Cardio Safe Community Project and she is active in the Guanacaste International Veterans Assocation. She holds a B.S. in Public Administration and Master’s Degrees in Public Communications and Business Administration.
Linda’s office in North Playas Del Coco , Coldwell Banker Coast to Coast Properties, provides full residential and commercial real estate services. She is always looking for qualified and professional agents to join her team in the dreamland beach areas of Guanacaste, northwest Pacific; Ocotal, Coco, Hermosa, Panama and the Papagayo Gulf.

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Jim Gray

Jim is a partner with Linda Gray as her husband and business associate. They make a great team with each having over 28 years of real estate experience with Coldwell Banker in California and Costa Rica.
He was involved in real estate sales in Laguna Beach California for a Coldwell Banker office as a sales person, broker of record and Assistant Manager. Jim and Linda partnered with associates and own the Coldwell Banker Master franchise in Costa Rica and as well they own the real estate office Coldwell Banker Coast to Coast Properties since 1998.
Jim has a strong background in project management having worked for Bechtel Power Corporation and retiring as a Lt. Commander U.S. Navy, Submarines. He has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University. He is very analytical, logical and has a great deal to offer clients in assisting them with advice regarding investment strategies relating to real estate. He is the CFO of Coldwell Banker Coast to Coast Properties.

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Cynthia Urena

Cynthia is a native of Costa Rica and is originally from the far North of Costa Rica “Pital” where it rains constantly. She was happy to relocate in 2006 to the northwest beach communities residing in Playas Del Coco. She is fluent in English and Spanish.
She has 8 years of real estate experience in the areas of; contract review, escrow services, marketing and sales transaction. Her formal education includes computer technology, computer engineering and business administration. Cynthia holds the position of Administrator of Sales and Rental Marketing.

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Rita Murry

Rita was the owner, CEO and sales director of a medical equipment/supply company for 25 years. Her experience has given her skills in management, finance, marketing and sales in a very competitive environment.
She has been involved in real estate in the U.S. and Costa Rica for several years.
She is fluent in English and Romanian and has several connections in Europe where she is marketing Costa Rica real estate. She and her husband have lived in Wisconsin, St. Louis and Houston Texas. They were excited about investing in property in Costa Rica 11 years ago and living full time in North Playas Del Coco, Guanacaste Costa Rica.

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Team Velez: Tony and Anna Velez

Tony and Anna moved to Costa Rica from Northern Alberta, Canada to pursue a healthy lifestyle, enjoy warm climate all year round and raise their children in Costa Rica. Tony started travelling to the Rich Coast in the 90’s when so little land was developed . Anna fell in love with Costa Rica on their family vacation in 2011 and decided “this would be home”. The couple now enjoy their ocean view home in Playas del Coco area while their two daughters attend local schools.
Team Velez has been very successful in buying and re-selling tax foreclosure properties throughout USA. They now specialize in bank foreclosures with Costa Rican banks. They know how to find a bargain and love to pass on a good deal to their clients.
Anna and Tony have owned and managed multiple properties all throughout North, Central and South America. They truly understand the seller’s point of view and work diligently on marketing properties using latest tools and technologies. Nobody gets paid until the property is sold.
Tony has vast experience in construction and project management, both commercial and residential, and is a great resource for clients looking to build, renovate or enhance their property. Anna started in accounting and contract management field, moving later into information technology and management. Between the two, they speak English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Ukrainian and Polish.
Team up with this winning team! Call Tony and Anna today!

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Mélissa Rivet,Consulting Concierge Referral Associate ,Coldwell Banker Coast to Coast Properties, Coco office

She is French Canadian and speaks perfect English and Spanish in addition to her first language French. Having visited Costa Rica 10 years ago she fell in love with “her” beauty, tranquility, friendly people and all the great aquatic recreational activities availble to all. Coco became her destination residence . She enjoys sharing the Coco, Costa Rica lifestyle with her clients she serves on the Hibiscus 48’ Sailing Catamaran located in Playa Ocotal. Additionally Mélissa with prior experience, offers concierge, tour consultation services to tourists and local residents desiring to share their sailing experience with family and friends.

Sharing her Costa Rican real estate experience with all the clients she is in contact with gives her another enjoyable opportunity to provide addtional services to them as a real estate referral consultant.

‘Come Join me on a voyage on the Hibisucs sailing vessel and experience : Sailing, Snorkeling, Kayaking , Paddle Boarding , Fishing, Sunset cruise or as a Private Charters. ‘

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Sean Fox

Sean Fox is experienced in the Real Estate purchasing process, Property Management and renovations with a focus on making Costa Rican properties generate income.

With his family he has travelled throughout Costa Rica and they fell in love with the Playas Del Coco area in 2014 where they have settled in.
Sean’s Children attend the Costa Rica International Academy in Guanacaste. Sean was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Formally educated in Industrial Design and managed a manufacturing facility building tools for the oil and gas industry in Canada While working and living in Malaysia for two years Sean caught the travel bug, visiting much of South and East Asia. Extensive research for the next warm and exciting part of the world to live in led Sean and his family to chose Costa Rica and they haven’t looked back! Client Testimonial: Thank you so much for all of your help on this Sean! We are so excited for our new home! You are awesome! Scott & Jan from Arizona, USA

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