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Buying Property In Costa Rica - Who Can Buy Property?

Anyone who can enjoy and appreciate; open space, the radiating warmth of mother nature, beautiful flowers, magical birds, monkeys and parrots as neighbors, the smell and feel of the ocean, mystic rain and cloud forests, rolling hills and pastures, fresh cool mountain air, OR even the more rapid pace of the metro city - framed by a mountainous, lush green flora ...

There is more to say about the attractions that motivate people to buy property in Costa Rica then the actual requirements: funds, desire, ability to leave your country and not much more. What will go a long way is a pinch of common sense that should lead you to the right professionals (attorney/notary, escrow company, experienced/professional realtor).

Now for the textbook Answer: A non-Costa Rican "foreigner" has the same rights to own property in Costa Rica as do citizens. All have a legal right to titled property ownership which is reflected in the laws and protected by the Constitution. Citizenship nor residency or even presence in the country, is required for land ownership.

Costa Rican law is based on the civil law system derived from Napoleanic Code with influence from the Spanish Civil Code - unlike the common law system or Anglo-American system. There is considerable difference. The entire transaction process is therefore directed by laws more intrinsic and unfamiliar to most consumers. Again the caveat appears - seek advise from the professionals.

There is one exception to the simplistic legal right to own land. Property fronting the ocean or close to the ocean, within 200 meters above the mean high tide, is known as the maritime-terrestrial zone (concession property). This zone holds certain ownership restrictions affecting foreigners. There are loopholes to some of the restrictions. Due to the scope and focus of our presentation, it is best for serious beachfront enthusiasts to look for the fine line definition and case history interpretation ... again seeking advise from the professionals.

Bon Appetite - there is an endless variety of very special properties for you to choose from. The limit is your energy to search and select the most appealing to your taste. Enjoy your venture ...